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All PGT assessed work (essays and dissertations) must be submitted on Tabula by the deadlines published in the PGT Handbook and online.

Submission procedure

  • Visit to access the Tabula coursework mangement system. When you get to the ‘coursework management’ system, you will be presented with a screen which lists all the essays you are due to submit this year under the heading ‘your assignments’. The list is annotated to show those essays which are due, those which you have already submitted, and any which are overdue. Please submit all assignments as Word documents (not pdfs).
  • Click on individual assignments to view or upload your essay, as appropriate. You will be asked for a comprehensive word count, ie one which includes all the words in the submitted document. Please enter this as a number (with no commas or spaces), e.g. 4900. Please note that this must be accurate - your decalred word count will be checked and penalties for over-lenth work will be applied. For details, please see p23 of the Taught MA Handbook.
  • After you’ve uploaded your essay/dissertation, the system will send an email to your Warwick email account to confirm your submission.
  • If you require an extension on account of medical or other compelling reasons, you must ensure that an extension request is submitted via Tabula at least one working day before the deadline in question to allow time for your requset to be assessed. Extensions will not be granted after the deadline. Any supporting medical evidence must be uploaded with the request.
  • If you would like to declare an issue which has adversely affected your performance in a particular assignment or your academic performance in general, but do not wish to request an extension, please complete a Mitigating Circumstances Form and submit it prior to or as soon as possible after submission. Further advice regarding mitigating circumstances is available here.
  • The submisison procedure for MA dissertations is slightly more complex - please see here for details.


Part-time students will be expected to submit assessed work to the deadline noted for the taught module/s they are following.