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As a prelude to revision, this seminar will draw together the various strands of analysis that we have been examining with a view to forming a synthesis and/or overview of the two revolutions and the most significant ways in which they are similar and the areas in which they are different. Reference may be made to other revolutions of the later modern era. We will revisit some of the general accounts of the nature of modern revolutions (Mayer, Skocpol, Wolf, Dunn) with a view to deciding which, if any, come closest to deepening our understanding of the furies of revolution.

  • References for Skocpol, Mayer and Wolf can be found earlier in the seminar progamme.
  • Dunn, John Modern Revolutions (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 1972) esp Introduction and chapter on Russia. (Compares Russian and other 20th Century revolutions)