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Seminar Timetable

This module is taught through weekly two-hour seminars, which are held every Thursday from 9am to 11am in S.019 in term one, and in S.018 in terms two and three. Seminars consist of class discussion based on the assigned reading. There are no lectures. You will be expected to complete the assigned seminar reading, and to write two unassessed essays of 2,000 words each. In addition, if you wish, you may complete an additional, unassessed mock exam paper.




Seminar Topic

Autumn Term

1 Introduction and Organisation
2 Travelling the World before Columbus
3 European Narratives of Discovery: The Caribbean
4 European Narratives of Discovery: Brazil
5 Depicting New Peoples
6 ~ Reading Week (no seminar) ~
7 Revolutionising the Cosmos
8 Mapping the New World
9 New World Diseases in Europe
10 Old World Diseases in the Americas

Spring Term

1 Military Force
2 Collecting and Classifying New World Plants and Artefacts
3 Europeans Reactions to New World Religions
4 Amerindian Reactions to Old World Religions
5 Constructing Authority: The Classical Tradition and the Rise of Empiricism
6 ~ Reading Week (no seminar) ~
7 Language and Writing
8 Science
9 A Blunted Impact?
10 Individual Histories

Summer Term

1 Revision
2 Revision