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Social History of England, 1500-1700 (HI209)

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This 30 CATS undergraduate second-year option module explores the social history of England from 1500 to 1700. This module has no pre-requisite modules, but will complement the general knowledge of early modern Europe that is acquired through the second-year module HI203 The European World, 1500-1750 (a core module for single-honours history students and an option module for joint-honours history students) and other early modern European history options.

The focus of the module is on the majority of people who lived and worked during the early modern period; on their habits of life and courtship, of industry and of resistance or subversion. Students will be (re)introduced to Social History as a discipline, and will consider continuity and change in England by interrogating a unique period of the country's past.

Weekly one-hour lectures cover a broad and fascinating array of material, including riot, crime, religion and witchcraft, poverty, hierarchy and gender, agrarian change, urban and rural societies, and even civil war. Weekly one-hour seminars build on these lectures by fleshing out specific themes from the week, and by inviting students to engage in some of the great historical debates which have shaped the discipline of Social History in the modern era.

This module may be of particular interest to those students that may choose to study a final-year Special Subject or Advanced Option on early modern English social, cultural, or political history, and for those students that may go on to study the MA in Early Modern History.