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Social History of England, 1500-1700 (HI209): Module Programme



Lecture and Seminar Topic

Autumn Term:

Living the
Early Modern World
1 Introduction: Social Order
2 Gender
3 Birth, Marriage and Death
4 Education and Literacy
5 Poverty and the Poor Laws
6 Reading Week (no lecture or seminar)
7 Disease and Medicine
8 Witchcraft
9 Crime
10 Immigration and Migration
Christmas Vacation
Spring Term:

The Collective Life of
Early Modern England
1 Ritual and Festive Culture
2 Religion I: The Reformation
3 Rural Society and Agrarian Change
4 Riot and Rebellion
5 London and Urban Society
6 Reading Week (no lecture or seminar)
7 Religion II: The Civil Wars
8 Settling the New World
9 Consumption and Industriousness
10 The Rise of the Public Sphere
Easter Vacation
Summer Term 1 Reflections: The Growth of the State in Early Modern English Society
2 Revision Session