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Book Reviews - British Parliamentary and Electoral Politics, 1688-1832 (HI254)

Your book review could summarise the main points of the book; discuss how the authors' arguments fit into other writing on the subject; discuss the range of sources/evidence used by the author and how they have contributed to their argument; note the response the book received from other writers; explain the strengths and weaknesses of the book from your point of view. It may be helpful to look at other people's reviews/review articles in the main journals eg: English Historical Review, Journal of British Studies, Parliamentary History, Historical Journal etc. See also the Reviews in History website.

The following is not a definitive list but merely suggestive. If you have other ideas please discuss them with your seminar tutor:

  • J C D Clark, English Society, 1688-1832
  • Linda Colley, Britons
  • L Namier, The structure of politics at the accession of George III
  • F O'Gorman, Voters, Patrons and Parties
  • J H Plumb, The Growth of Political Stability in England
  • E P Thompson, The Making of the English working class
  • K Wilson, The sense of the people