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British Parliamentary and Electoral Politics, 1688-1832 (HI254)

election.jpgPlease note that this module has been
temporarily withdrawn and is therefore
not available to students in 2016/17.

Tutor: Dr Sarah Richardson
Room: H335, third floor of the Humanities Building

This 30 CATS undergraduate second-year option module will provide an introduction to British political culture in the long eighteenth century from the Glorious Revolution to the Great Reform Act. This period has long been the subject of fierce debate by historians who have put forward competing interpretations on the nature of government and representation; on the democratic impulse; and on the extent of popular participation in political life. In order to facilitate the study of this contested period the module will be organised around three main themes: 1) parliamentary politics from the Age of Revolution to the Age of Reform including the development of political thought and of party politics; 2) popular politics, radicalism and reform and 3) electoral politics and voting behaviour. The last will involve an examination of various case studies using computer-aided analysis. No previous IT experience is necessary.