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Essay and Seminar Reading List

Essay and seminar reading list

General Texts

Seminar 1: Identity, Gender and Politics

Seminar 2: The Glorious Revolution

Seminar 3: Politics from the restoration to the death of Anne

Seminar 4: Elections workshop

Seminar 5: The Age of Oligarchy: Stability or Strife?

Seminar 6: Politics at the Accession of George III

Seminar 7: Radicalism and print culture

Seminar 8: The French Revolution

Seminar 9: Party politics before 1832

Seminar 10: The Pressure for Reform

Seminar 11: The Great Reform Act

General Texts

Recommended course text book: F O’Gorman, The Long Eighteenth Century: British Political and Social History, 1688-1832

A Aspinall and E A Smith, English Historical Documents 1783-1832

D Beales, Political Parties in Nineteenth Century Britain Historical Association Pamphlet

A Beattie, English Party Politics

J Black, Britain in the Age of Walpole

J Black, Culture, Politics and Society in Britain, 1660-1800

J Black, The Politics of Britain, 1688-1832

I R Christie, Wars and Revolutions

L Colley, Britons: Forging a Nation, 1707-1837

H W C Davis, The Age of Grey and Peel

J W Derry, Reaction and Reform 1793-1868

E J Evans, Forging of a Modern State: Early Industrial Britain 1783-1870

N Gash, Aristocracy and People

G Holmes, The Making of a Great Power, 1660-1722

G Holmes and D Szechi, The Age of Oligarchy, 1722-1783

J R Jones, Country and Court, England 1658-1714

P Jupp, British and Irish Elections 1784-1831

P Langford, A Polite and Commercial People, England, 1727-1783

L Namier and J Brooke, House of Commons 1754-90

R Porter, English Society in the Eighteenth Century

W R Prest, Albion Ascendant: English history 1660-1815

R Sedgwick, House of Commons, 1715-1754

W A Speck, Stability and Strife, England 1714-1760

R Thorne, House of Commons 1790-1820