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Language for Historians (HI270)

Title page of the 12 Articles of
the German Peasants (1525)


Module Director and Language Coordinator

Dr Jonathan Davies

Module Information

Aims/Outcomes, Syllabus, Assessment

Core Texts and Related Reading

Historiography Lectures and Seminars 

Mock Exam and Past Papers

Module Forum

This module forms a key part of the single honours History degree course. It builds on the language training History students receive in Year 1 and consists of two closely linked and equal parts (one delivered/assessed by the Language Centre OR the Italian Department, the other delivered/assessed by History). The module is a compulsory component of the single honours History degree programme in Year 2 and counts for finals.

The History component operates in conjunction with the Year 2 core module 'The European World, 1500-1750'. It consists of a series of lectures on historographical trends in different languages, dedicated seminars on core texts (originally published in languages other than English) and provides the necessary historiographical and critical skills for the historical half of the 'Language for Historians' exam.