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2016 exam

You have a total of two hours to answer two of the following questions:

1. Was natural history invented in the Renaissance?

2. What role did the recovery of ancient texts play in sixteenth-century science?

3. ‘Copernicus’ On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres is not a revolutionary but rather a revolution-making text.’ Discuss.

4. How did natural philosophers gain the trust of their readers in the seventeenth century?

5. ‘The scientific revolution was above all a revolution in ideas.’ Discuss.

6. Was the experimental method invented in the seventeenth century?

7. Was there a conflict between science and religion in early modern Europe?

8. ‘Popular science makes no difference to the way real science is done.’ Discuss with reference to the eighteenth century.

9. Was early modern science useful? Discuss with reference EITHER to imperial science OR to the industrial revolution.

10. What was the second scientific revolution?