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10: Gandhi As A Political Thinker

Seminar Questions:

1. Are you persuaded by Gandhi’s critique of ‘modern civilization’?
2. Is national independence the ultimate goal of Gandhi’s Hind Swaraj?
3. Who do you think the ‘Reader’ represents in Gandhi’s text?

Seminar Reading:

1. M.K. Gandhi, Hind Swaraj (Indian Home Rule) (1909)

Background Readings:

1. David Hardiman, Gandhi In His Time And Ours (Delhi, 2003)
2. David Arnold, Gandhi: Profiles in Power (2001)
3. Partha Chatterjee, Nationalist Thought And The Colonial World (London, 1986)
4. Faisal Devji, The Impossible Indian: Gandhi And the Temptation of Violence (2012)
5. Ramachandra Guha, Gandhi Before India (Delhi, 2013)
6. Tanika Sarkar, “Gandhi And Social Relations”, in Judith Brown and Anthony Parel (eds.), The Cambridge Companion to Gandhi (Cambridge, 2011), pp.173-199
7. Jonathan Hyslop, “Gandhi 1869-1915: The transnational emergence of a public figure”, in Brown and Parel (eds.), The Cambridge Companion to Gandhi, pp. 30-51
8. Kathryn Tidrick, Gandhi: A Political and Spiritual Life (London, 2006)
9. Isabel Hofmeyr, “Violent Texts, Vulnerable Readers: Hind Swaraj and its South African Audiences”, Public Culture, 23:2 (2011)