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The Russian Revolution 1914-1921 (HI317)

Russian Revolution Tutor: Professor Christopher Read (TBC for 2017/18)
Office: H323, third floor of the Humanities Building
Office Hours: Monday 1pm-2pm, Fridays 12noon-1pm
Phone: +44 (0) 24 76523308
Seminar Times: tba


This undergraduate final-year Special Subject module covers the political, social, economic and cultural history of the Russian Revolution examining the impact of war; the February Revolution; the events of 1917; the Civil War; War Communism ; the uprisings of 1920-1 and concludes with the Tenth Party Congress and the Kronstadt rebellion. It is divided into two halves - the collapse of the old order; the emergence of the new Soviet order.

There are no pre-requisites for students wishing to study this module. However, students are not permitted to study both the final-year Advanced Option module 'The Furies of Revolution (HI33Q)' and the final-year Special Subject module 'Russian Revolution, 1914-21 (HI317)'.