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The Russian Revolution 1914-1921 - Bibliography Part 3

iii (i) The Peasantry, 1914-21

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(ii) Workers, 1914-21

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(iii)The Armed Forces, 1914-21

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(See also Golovine in Part II, section (i) and various memoirs of Knox, Brusilov et al in Part I, section (iv)


(iv) The Provinces

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(v) Nationalities, 1914-121

(a) General

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(d) Transcaucasia

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(e) Central Asia

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(Kritika – available at



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(see under 'Memoirs' 'Armed Forces', 'Consolidation of Bolshevik power' for items by Brinkley, Kenez, Footman, Wrangel, Krassnoff and others)

(xii) The October Revolution and the World

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