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Withdrawn Module: Legacies of National Socialism in the Arab World (HI31P)

untitled1.pngPlease note that this module was available
from 2010 to 2012, but has since been
withdrawn and is no longer available.

Tutor: Dr Mia Lee

Although this undergraduate final-year Advanced Option module revolves around the Second World War, it is not simply a module about the war. The main objective of this module is for students to analyze the war’s significance historically and historiographically. Towards this aim, we will contextualize the Second World War in contemporary histories of North Africa and the Middle East, analyse the historiographical significance of the war in competing historical narratives, as well as interrogate recent studies that link German antisemitism and North African and Middle Eastern antisemitism. Students will examine primary sources, including official materials such as political speeches and propaganda as well as private letters, diaries, and memoirs.