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Seminar group 2

Keep doing...

group work x 3

close reading. really helps x 6

videos and seminar readings together for a broad overview of things

questions about historyland

the readings

varied approach to seminar


using the whiteboards

Cease immediately...

to have lunch after the seminar

group work

lots of moving around the room mid seminar

super warm room

close readings

no laptops


Kaviraj is really hard

The most important thing I have learnt in this module so far...

Chatterjee and Kaviraj / the mythical space of normative theory x 4

postcolonial concerns of history writing

Don't trust bodyguards

democracy is not a normative theory. it is a concept that it attached to nations x 2

how to go without lunch

the importance of alternative perceptions of political theory

Te Emergency x 2

Delhi riots

The most important thing I am looking forward to learning [about] is...

caste x 3

Hindu nationalism / extremism x 3

India in the 1990s

the topic i will write about in my long essay

a happy time after 1984?

how India has formed its present identity

neoliberalism in India x 2

Anything else...

Was a bit worried initially but am calmer now

keep reiterating key arguments from key texts


Seminar group 1

Keep doing...

Trying to get everyone involved x 2....for example, when everyone picked their favourite line

Having open discussions but also not picking on / forcing some one to speak

Explaining key events/ideal clearly when/if people are confused

Being fun x 2

making us analyse the reading before seminars as it keeps me awake

more films

Discussing long/important readings in detail in class x 3

Making the group comfortable and learning each others' names

Group work/presentations/research aspect

Personal essay development

Cease immediately...

Asking people to recall the whole seminar's names x 3

Too much reading [though more politely put] x 2

The most important thing I have learnt in this module so far....

Normative political theory- was able to apply this to other modules x 5

Concepts/ideas surrounding the justification of post-colonial democracy

1984 events

Loads of things. Mythical political normative theory is pretty radical

Start my dissertation early

The thing i am most looking forward to learning [about] is...

Learning more about the caste system x 6

Economic liberalisation and its effects x 2

Delhi riots

Contemporary India

Anything else...

The seminars are generally lively and engaging

We should go on a trip to India