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Learning and Society

Seminar Questions

  • How did changes in learning affect government and the law from c. 1100 to 1500?
  • How did intellectual changes influence the Church's relationship with the Christian people from c. 1100 to 1500?
  • Why was education important in the Middle Ages?


  1. Rules, regulations and structures: Rules, regulations and structures: Robert de Courcon: Statutes for the University of Paris, 1215 and Frederick II: Lictere Generales, establishing the University of Naples, 1224

2. Student life: Jacques de Vitry Students at Paris and Medieval students' songs

3. Learning outside universities: The case of a woman doctor in Paris (for more information on this source, see: M.H.Green, 'Getting to the Source: The Case of Jacoba Felicie and the Impact of the Portable Medieval Reader on the Canon of Medieval Women's History' MFF 42 (2006), pp.49-62)

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The Universities

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