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The seminar groups will meet at the following times and places:

Seminar Group #1: Fri 12-1 H3.47 (JC)

Seminar Group #2: Fri 3-4 H3.47 (DG)

Seminar Group #3: Tue 1-2pm H1.04 (AD)
Seminar Group #4: Tue 2-3pm H3.58 (AD)
Seminar Group #5: Thu 11-12pm H3.55 (AD)

Seminar Group #6: Th 12-1pm H3.45 (AD)

Lectures: Thursday 15.00 -16.00 L5 (First Term) H0.52 (Second Term)

Module Convenor: Dr Aysu Dincer (AD) Office Hours: Tuesday 3.30-4.30pm; Thursday 1.30-2.30pm (H0.09)

Seminar tutors: Dr Aysu Dincer (AD) Dr Daniel Gerrard (DG) and Mr Joe Chick (JC)

Term Week Lectures:
Seminar Topic
Autumn Term 1 No lecture No seminar
2 The Middle Ages: an overview Latin Christendom and its neighbours 
3 Medieval government and the concept of 'feudalism' Government and communities 
4 The countryside

Rural society 

5 Medieval towns and trade Urban society
6 ~ Reading Week ~
7 Religious life and the Church The Medieval Church 
8 The Black Death Economy and Society after the Black Death 
9 Popular protest Popular protest 
10 Heretics and Saints Heresy: threat or fiction? 

Spring Term


The Twelfth-Century Renaissance


Intellectual and cultural life 
2 The Rise of the Universities Learning and Society 
3 Gender, Marriage and Family Life The medieval family 
4 The Crusades European contact with others: the Crusades 

The Avignon Papacy, Great Schism and Councils


The Schism 
6 ~ Reading Week ~
7 The Hundred Years War Government and Warfare 
8 England and France in the Fifteenth Century Late Medieval Monarchies 

Lollards and Hussites


Heresy in the Later Middle Ages 

The Italian Renaissance


The Renaissance 
Summer Term 1 The Rise of the Ottomans The Rise of the Ottomans 
2 Latin Christendom and Asia 1200 - 1400 Latin Christendom's contact with Asia 
3 The Age of Discoveries Expansion and Exploration