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Making of the Modern World (HI153)

'Making of the Modern World' is the first-year core module for all full-time History single honours and joint degree students. It may also be taken as an option by part-time students, visiting students, and students from other departments. In addition to the standard timetable, the module is also offered every few years as an evening option for part-time Historical Studies students. The module is normally only available as a 30 CAT version.

All information for HI153 students is on the HI153 Moodle Space (NB students have access only once registered for HI153 on eVision)

The module contextualises later modern history by providing a framework in which major historical processes of the later modern era are studied on a world-wide scale. The module moves away from a Eurocentric and narrative focus and provides more scope for historical approaches based on, among other things, culture, identity and power.

In 2021-22, the module is taught through the following units:

Unit 1. Epidemics

Unit 2. Industrialisation and Empire

Unit 3. Sex

Unit 4. Childhood

Unit 5. Punishment

Unit 6. India

Unit 7. Africa

Unit 8. The Caribbean

Unit 9. North America

Module Convenor: Professor Sarah Hodges