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Mind, Body, and Society (HI176)

This 30 CATS team-taught first-year option module will introduce students to the global history of medicine. We will cover a wide thematic range -- from medical systems to medical surveillance, from empire to AIDS -- and the module's chronology therefore spans the modern and early modern periods. Geographically too, this module will take students from Europe and North America, to China, Africa, and beyond. Lectures will be delivered by the academic staff of the History Department's Centre for the History of Medicine.

Lectures in term one will introduce basic concepts, sources and historiographic trends, as well as key ideas, events, practices and participants in global medicine. Lectures in term two will explore themes and case studies at the heart of the history of medicine from a range of different historical and historiographical perspectives. Lectures in term three will tackle contemporary medical concerns and debates, drawing on historical and interdisciplinary perspectives.

Because the module covers such wide-ranging topics, periods and terrains, it is especially important that you keep up with the required readings, all of which are available online via e-journals, e-books, and online course extracts. If you are unfamiliar with or cannot access ANY of these resources, please contact the Module Convenor right away for help.

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