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Interpreting Skills

Interpretation of Sources
  • Analyzing Images (Susan Hilligoss)
  • For how contemporaries viewed images ('the period eye'), see
    • Michael Baxandall, Painting and Experience in Fifteenth-century Italy, 2nd ed. (Oxford, 1988), Chapter 2
    • Stuart Clark, Vanities of the Eye. Vision in Early Modern European Culture (Oxford, 2007)
    • Bob Scribner, 'Ways of seeing in the age of Dürer', in Dagmar Eichberger and Charles Zika (eds), Dürer and his Culture (Cambridge, 1998), pp. 93-117.
  • Michael L. Wilson, 'Visual Culture: A Useful Category of Historical Analysis?' in The Nineteenth-Century Visual Culture Reader, ed. Vanessa R. Schwartz and Jeannene M. Przyblyski (New York, 2004), pp. 26-33.