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Forum aims and rules

This module/seminar forum aims to foster an interactive learning environment. It allows students and tutors to communicate outside of regular seminar sessions and provides a platform for the posting of questions, comments, suggestions and further materials. You are encouraged to make use of this facility and to check the latest messages regularly.

Contributions can range very widely, e.g. co-ordination of group work activities, pointers to additional literature, inquiries about the location of recommended reading, comments on a relevant media programme, questions regarding seminar topics, reviews of individual books/articles, uploading of handouts/PowerPoint files for seminar presentations etc.

However, it is important to observe some basic rules:

  • Contributions should relate directly to module/seminar themes;
  • Postings should be constructive and free of content which may cause offence to other students and members of staff involved in the module (issues of a personal nature should be raised with the respective individuals directly or through the personal tutor system);
  • The forum is not the place to discuss ‘policy’ matters such as workload requirements and assessment regulations (concerns of this nature can be raised in feedback questionnaires or directed into the appropriate departmental channels, esp. our Education Committee and / or the SSLC.

Members of the forum are also bound by the policies governing the use of university computing facilities. Violations of these rules are taken seriously and may lead to disciplinary proceedings.