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Seminar G: Celebrating the Nation

  • Analyse one history painting of your choice.
  • What are (national) celebrations for?
  • What are the functions of national holidays?
  • What use is the analysis of national celebrations for historians?
  • Do you perceive any peculiarities in Polish, Ukrainian, Russian celebrations?


Essential Reading

Etzioni, Amitai, ‘Towards a Theory of Public Ritual’, Sociological Theory, 18 (2000), pp. 44-59.

Dabrowski, Patrice M., Commemorations and the Shaping of Modern Poland (Bloomington/Indianapolis, 2004), pp. 159-210.

Wortman, Richard, Scenarios of Power. Myth and Ceremony in Russian Monarchy, vol. 2 (Princeton, 2000), pp. 439-480 [= Chapter 13: ‘The Tercentenary Celebrations of 1913’].

Additional Reading

Sandler, Commemorating Pushkin, pp. 85-135. 

Last  Night of the Proms