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Nation and Memory in Russia, Poland and Ukraine, 1800 to the present

For 2021/22 there will be some changes: the Russian history content of Autumn Term weeks 7, 8, 9, 10 will be increased. Week 10 Spring Term, and weeks 1 and 2 Summer Term will deal with the importance of the Second World War and the communist heritage for Russia, Poland, and Ukraine separately.

Schedule 2020/21




Autumn Term

1. History and the Present: the conflict in Ukraine (introductory videocast) PPT1 PPT2

A) The annexation of Crimea and the war in Ukraine (there will be no seminar session, but some exercises on moodle)

2. Nation and Memory PPT

B) Theoretical Approaches

Week 2

3. Russia's Mission PPT

C) The Disputed Past

Week 3

4. Poland's Misfortune PPT

D) The Glorified Past

Week 4

5. Ukraine's Struggle PPT

E) The Contested Past

Week 5


Week 6


6. Peasants into ... (Russians, Ukrainians, Poles) PPT

F) Empires, Nationalists and the Peasantry

Week 7

7. Nation and Literature PPT

G) Reading Clubs and National Poets

Week 8

8. Nation and Art PPT

H) History Painting and National Styles 

Week 9

9. Nation and Music PPT (20/21)
I) National Operas, Anthems and Folk Songs Week 10


Spring Term

10. And what about the Jews? PPT

J) Assimilation, Zionism and Anti-Semitism

Week 1

11. The Great War PPT

K) Going to War

Week 2

12. The Russian Civil War PPT

L) Nationalism vs. Socialism

Week 3

13. The Polish-Ukrainian War PPT

M) War and Nation Building

Week 4

14. War Remembrance PPT

N) The Political Cult of the Dead

Week 5



Week 6

15. Soviet nationality policy PPT

O) The Ukrainian Famine

Week 7

16. Poland between the wars PPT

P) Minority Policy and Anti-Semitism

Week 8

17. Bloodlands: Atrocities and mass murder in the Second World War PPT

Q) Survivor Testimonies

Week 9

18. Memory conflicts PPT
R) Giving National Meaning to War Week 10


Summer Term

19. Post-Memory PPT

S) The Next Generation: (Re-) Visiting Lviv and Czernowitz

Week 1

20) Russian, Polish and Ukrainian self-images today (Revision lecture) PPT (new, 2020/21)

T ) How Russians, Poles and Ukrainians see themselves

Week 2



Motherland Monument, Kiev