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Week 2, Seminar S:

Essential Reading

Wolentarska-Ochman, Ewa, ‘Collective Remembrance in Jedwabne. Unsettled Memory of World War II in Post-Communist Poland’, History and Memory 18 (2006), pp. 152-175. (electronic resource – University Library)

Hirsch, Marianne, and Leo Spitzer, Ghosts of Home: The Afterlife of Czernowitz in Jewish Memory (Berkeley, 2010), pp. 3-19 (click here: Chapter 1)

Bechtel, Delphine, Ukrainian Lviv since 1991: A city of selective memories (from European Network Remembrance and Solidarity Reading Room)

check also this website:

Additional Reading and Viewing

Kapralski, Sławomir, ‘The Jedwabne Village Green? The Memory and Counter-Memory of the Crime’, History and Memory, 18 (2006), pp. 176-194. (electronic resource – University Library)

Wolentarska-Ochman, Ewa, ‘Response to Sławomir Kapralski’, in History and Memory, 18 (2006), pp. 195-197. (electronic resource – University Library)