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Lecture9/Seminar I

Week 10: Lecture 9: Music

  • Analyse (or sing☺) one patriotic song, national anthem of your choice.
  • What are national operas for?
  • What can we learn from studying Ivan Glinka’s “A Life for the Tsar”?

Essential Reading

Trochimczyk, Maja, ‘Sacred versus Secular: The Convoluted History of Polish Anthems’, in Trochimczyk (ed.), After Chopin. Essays in Polish Music (Los Angeles, 2000). [Abridged Version]

Taruskin, Richard, Defining Russia Musically (Princeton/Oxford, 1997), pp. 3-47 [= Chapter 1: ‘N.A. Lvov and the Folk’; Chapter 2: ‘M.I. Glinka and the State’].

Recommended Listening

A Life for the Tsar -

Further Listening and Reading

Maes, Francis, A History of Russian Music: From Kamarinskaya to Babi Yar (Berkeley, 2002), pp. 93-131.

Eggers, Susan Beam, ‘Reinventing the Enemy: The Villains of Glinka’s Opera ‘Ivan Susanin’on the Soviet Stage’, in Brandenberger, David, and Platt, Kevin M.F. (eds), Epic Revisionism. Russian History and Literature as Stalinist Propaganda (Madison, Wisc., 2006), pp. 261-275.

Trochimczyk, Maja (ed.), After Chopin. Essays in Polish Music (Los Angeles, 2000).