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Seminar K: Monuments and Memorials

  • Which functions do monuments and “sites of memory” have?
  • What do monuments have to do with nation building?
  • Which role did the Mickiewicz Monuments have in Polish nation building?
  • What functions do war memorials have?
  • Are there traumatic sites of memory and, if so, which role do they play?


Essential Reading

Dabrowski, Commemorations and the Shaping of Modern Poland, pp. 133-156 [= Chapter: ‘Bronzing the Bard: The Mickiewicz Monuments of 1898’].

Winter, Jay, Sites of Memory, Sites of Mourning. The Great War in European Cultural History (Cambridge, 1996), pp. 78-116 (= Chapter 5 ‘War Memorials and the Mourning Process’).

Edkins, Trauma and the Memory of Politics, pp. 111-174 [= Chapter 4: ‘Concentration Camp Memorials and Museums: Dachau and the US Holocaust Memorial Museum’]

Additional Reading and Viewing

King, Alex, ‘Remembering and Forgetting in the Public Memorials of the Great War’, in Forty/Küchler, The Art of Forgetting, pp. 147-169.

google search for “Mickiewicz monument”, “Shevchenko monument”, “Pushkin monument”, please follow some of the links


Monument to the Russian soldiers of the Battle of Borodino, 1812