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Lecture1/Exercise A

Week 1 Exercise A: The war in Ukraine

  • How does Vladimir Putin justify the annexation of the Crimean peninsula?

  • What is the history behind the war in Ukraine?

  • How can the conflict be solved? Please use Moodle to share your views.

Essential Reading

Address by the President of the Russian Federation, 18 March 2014

John-Paul Himka, 'The History behind the Regional Conflict in Ukraine', Kritika: Explorations in Russian and Eurasian History 16,1 (Winter 2015), pp. 129-136 (online version)

Andreas Kappeler, 'Ukraine and Russia: Legacies of the Imperial Past and Competing Memories', Journal of Eurasian Studies,5 (2014), no. 2, pp. 107-115

Recommended Reading

Conflict in Ukraine, Council on Foreign Relations

Task: Please read a bit around in the internet, in newspapers and journals about the conflict in Ukraine. What different explanations do you find? Also have a look at recent articles in The Times, The Guardian, The Economist, Foreign Affairs (all available online - their archives can be accessed by using the library website).