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Week 9: Lecture 8: Art

  • Analyse one history painting of your choice?

  • How did history painters visualize the nation?
  • What are the functions of history painting?
  • Why do monuments matter?

Essential Reading

Burke, Peter, Eyewitnessing: The Uses of Images as Historical Evidence (London, 2014), pp. 41-55 [Chapter: Iconography and Iconology]. E-Book

Dabrowski, Commemorations and the Shaping of Modern Poland, pp. 133-156 [= Chapter 5: ‘Bronzing the Bard: The Mickiewicz Monuments of 1898’].

Batorska, Danuta, 'The Political Censorship of Jan Matejko', Art Journal 51 (1992), pp. 56-63

Recommended Viewing

On History Painting -

Olga’s Gallery – Online Art Museum:

Polish Paintings -

Jan Matejko -

Sternin, Grigori, and Jelena Kirillina, Ilya Repin (Parkstone International, 2011) E-Book

Further Reading

Facos, Michelle and Sharon L. Hirsh (eds), Art, Culture, and National Identity in Fin-de-Siècle Europe (Cambridge, New York, 2003)

Prendergast, Christopher, Napoleon and History Painting: Antoine-Jean Gros’s La bataille d’Eglau (Oxford, 1997), pp. 49-77.