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Week 4: Lecture 13: The Polish-Ukrainian War

  • Why did Polish state building succeed?

  • Why did Ukrainian state building fail?

  • Is 'moral economy' a useful concept for analysing pogroms in general and the L'viv pogrom of 1918 in particular?

Essential Reading

Mick, Lemberg, Lwów, L'viv, chapter 3, pp, 137-209.

Hagen, William W., 'The Moral Economy of Ethnic Violence: The Pogrom in Lwów, November 1918', Geschichte und Gesellschaft 31 (2005), pp. 203-226.

You should also do some background reading on Ukrainian state building attempts. For example:

Subtelny, Orest, Ukraine. A History, 3rd ed. (Toronto/Buffalo/London 2000), pp. 339-379 [= Chapter 18: ‘War and Revolution’, Chapter 19: ‘The Ukrainian Revolution’].

Additional Reading