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Week 8 Lecture 16: Poland between the wars

Did the Polish government pursue a colonialist policy?
Was the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists a liberation movement or a fascist organisation?
How do you explain the increase of anti-Semitism in inter-war Poland?

Essential Reading
Davies Heart of Europe, pp. 95-137 [= Chapter 3: ‘The Legacy of Disenchantment: Poland’s Experiment in Independence, 1914-1939’]. (electronic resource – University Library)
Szyja Bronsztein, 'Polish-Jewish Relations As Reflected in Memoirs of the Interwar Period', in Jews in Independent Poland, 1918-1939, ed. by Antony Polonsky et al. ( (= POLIN, 2004), pp. 66-88. Electronic resource, University Library

Mick, Christoph, 'Colonialism in the Polish Eastern Borderlands 1919-1939', in Róisín Healy and Enrico dal Lago (eds), The Shadow of Colonialism on Europe´s Modern Past (Houndmills, 2014), pp. 126-141. Ebook, University Library