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Seminar H: War, Revolution and Nation

  • Is there a link between war and nation?
  • Which role did the First World War play in Polish (or Ukrainian) nation building?
  • Which role did the Polish-Ukrainian War of 1918/19 play in Polish and Ukrainian nation building? Do you think this example is typical for Eastern Europe?
  • How did the Russian Revolution affect Polish, Ukrainian, and Russian nation building?


Essential Reading

Subtelny, Orest, Ukraine. A History, 3rd ed. (Toronto/Buffalo/London 2000), pp. 339-379 [= Chapter18: ‘War and Revolution’, Chapter 19: ‘The Ukrainian Revolution’].

Davies, Norman, God’s Playground. A History of Poland, vol. II: 1795 to the Present (New York, 2005 [1979]), pp. 279-290 [= Chapter 18: ‘Feniks: The Rebirth of the Polish State (1914-1918)’].

Westwood, J.N., Endurance and Endeavour. Russian History 1812-1992, 4th ed. (Oxford, 1993), pp. 207-282 [= Chapter 9: ‘Empire’s Last War’, Chapter 10: ‘1917’, Chapter 11: ‘The Civil War’].

Additional Reading

Eley, Geoff, ‘Remapping the Nation: War, Revolutionary Upheaval and State Formation in Eastern Europe, 1914-1923’, in H. Aster and P. J. Potichny (eds), Ukrainian-Jewish Relations in Historical Perspective (Edmonton, 1990), pp. 205-246.

Polish propaganda poster, 1920