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Group projects: suggested topics

There will be two seminars, one at the end of the autumn term, and one in week 5 of the spring term, where you will join a group of about four speakers for a joint presentation. This will be as much an exercise in organising yourselves to meet up weekly. It is suggested that you do the following in roughly the following order:

1. Divide up research topics; you may choose to elect an MC to introduce and link papers, providing an introduction and conclusion; exchange e-mails

2. Circulate draft presentations to each other

3. Decide what media you would like to use (DVD, OHP, PowerPoint)

4. Dress rehearsal


You will receive a collective mark for the presentation which will come two-thirds from the seminar tutor and one-third from the workshop audience.

Criteria include:

1. Time-keeping - no more than 10 minutes per speaker.

2. Communication skills (audibility, use of audio-visual, eye contact with audience, enthusiasm).

3. Content of individual presentations

4. Coherence of overall presentation


Group Project suggested reading

Weimar culture (end of Term One)

The Holocaust (Week 5, Term Two)