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Lecture notes (week five): Militarism

Colonialism and Nationalism Lecture


1873: Gründerkrach – economic depression in Germany

1879: German Alliance with Austria-Hungary forged

1894: Agreements between France and Russia

1881: Foundation of the Society for Germandom Abroad

1891: Foundation of the Pan-German League

1886: Foundation of the German Language Association

1887: Foundation of the German Colonial Society

1890: Heligoland-Sansibar Treaty

1892: Foundation of the Deutsche Friedensgesellschaft (German Peace Society)

1898: Foundation of the Navy League

1898: Fashoda Crisis – clash between British and French imperial ambitions

27 July 1900: Hunnenrede by Emperor William II. In Bremerhaven

1904: Entente cordiale – Agreement between France and Britain

1904: Foundation of the Imperial League to Combat Social Democracy

1905: First Moroccan Crisis

1905: Decision of the British Navy to build Dreadnoughts

1907: Agreement between Britain and Russia

1911: Second Moroccan Crisis

1912: SPD landslide in Reichstag elections

28 June 1914: Assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand in Sarajevo

28 July 1914: Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia

30 July 1914: General mobilisation in Russia

4 August 1914: Britain declares war on Germany


12 August 1914: French and British declaration of war on Austria-Hungary