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HI290 Online Resources

Modern Records Centre

Germany Subject Guide:

Module Guide:


Archives and Databases

Primary Source Documents at Eurodocs.

World War I Document Archive

Historical Dictionary of the Weimar Republic

Internet Modern History Sourcebook:


The Weimar Studies Network - Provides updates on the latest news and research relating to Weimar Germany.

Video Links

There is a lot of video material relevant to modern German history out there, encompassing archival footage, feature films, documentaries etc. As with the reading lists, the links below are intended as a gateway to exploring video sources relevant to the module and not an exhaustive list of the available material. You are encouraged to search and explore this material for yourself, though as with anything else you should treat such sources critically and cautiously.


The Third Reich:

  • Hitler's 50th Birthday Celebrations - German newsreel footage: Part I and Part II

The Third Reich in Colour (documentary):

Interviews with Holocaust survivors (these are just a few of the testimonies on sites like Youtube):

Post-War Germany:

BBC News coverage of the fall of the Berlin Wall (9 November 1989):

The Berlin Republic: