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Week 2 - Bismarck and Germany

Otto von Bismarck by Franz von Lenbach

Seminar Questions:

  • How United was the German Empire?
  • Who ruled Imperial Germany?
  • How did Bismarck fit into (and see himself in relation to) German history?

Reading List:

Required Reading:

Primary Sources:

Overviews of the Bismarckian period:

Biographies of Bismarck:

Elections, Parties and Democratization:

  • Margaret L. Anderson, Practicing Democracy: Elections and Political Culture in Imperial Germany (Princeton UP, 2000).
  • A. Mitchell, ‘Bonapartism as a Model of Bismarckian Politics’, Journal of Modern History (1977), Vol. 49, No. 4 pp. 181-209
  • E. L. Evans, The German Center Party 1870-1933 (1981)
  • James Retallack, Red Saxony: Election Battles and the Spectre of Democracy in Germany, 1860-1918 (2017)
  • James Retallack, The German Right 1860-1920 (University of Toronto Press, 2016)
  • Thomas Kühne, “Political Culture and Democratization” in Retallack (ed.), Imperial Germany, 1871-1918 (OUP, 2008), 174-193.
  • W. Guttsman, The German Social Democratic Party 1875-1933 (1981)
  • James J. Sheehan, German liberalism in the Nineteenth Century (Uni. Chicago Press, 1978), pp. 123-220
  • Dieter Langewiesche, Liberalism in Germany, trans Christiane Banerji (Princeton UP, 2000).
  • Daniel Ziblatt, Conservative Parties and the birth of Modern Democracy in Europe (Cambridge, 2017)

The Kulturkampf and Confessional Life:

Social and Cultural Histories:

Nationalism and Identity: