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Seminar Nine (Week 9) - West Germany: The Affluent Society

  • How do you explain the ‘economic miracle’ in West Germany?
  • Which proved the most successful avenue of attack on the Bonn establishment after 1967?

M. Balfour West Germany: A Contemporary History, esp. chs. 5-10
D. Bark/Gress A History of West Germany, 2 vols.
V. Berghahn Modern Germany, ch. 5
W. Carr A History of Germany 1815-1990, chs. 15 & 16
D. Childs Germany in the Twentieth Century, chs. 7-8
M. Fulbrook The Fontana History of Germany 1918-1990, pt. 2
A. Glees Reinventing Germany: German Political Development since 1945
K. Larres/PP The Federal Republic of Germany since 1949
A.J. Nicholls The Bonn Republic

The Economic Miracle

J. Backer Priming the German Economy. American Occupational Policies 1945-1948
V. Berghahn The Americanisation of West German Industry 1945-1973
K. Hardach The Political Economy of Germany in the Twentieth Century, ch. 5-7
M. Hogan The Marshall Plan. Britain, America and the Reconstruction of Western Europe, 1947-1952
A. Kramer The West German Economy, 1945-1955C. Maier/GB Germany and the Marshall Plan
J. Roesler ‘The Black Market in Post-War Berlin’, Ger. Hist., 1989


D. Bark/Gress A History of West Germany, vol. 2, pp. 113-36 & 340-54
R. Burns/WvdW* Protest and Democracy in West Germany
S.v. Dirke* All Power to the Imagination: The West German Counter-Culture
E. Kolinsky Parties, Opposition and Society in West Germany

Student Protest

T. Adorno The Authoritarian Personality
J. Habermas Toward a Rational Society: Student Protest, Science and Politics
C. Levitt Children of Privilege: Student Revolt in the Sixties
M. Roseman Generations in Conflict: Youth Revolt and Generation Formation in Germany, ch. 14
J.F. Tent The Free University of Berlin: A Political History


S. Aust The Baader-Meinhof Group
J. Becker* Hitler’s Children: The Story of the Baader-Meinhof Gang
________ Terrorism in West Germany: The Struggle for What?
D. Della Porta Social Movements, Political Violence and the State: ... Italy and Germany
M. Stohl (ed.) The Politics of Terrorism, pp. 410-30
J. Wright Terrorist Propaganda: The Red Army Faction and the Provisional IRA, 1968-86

The Greens

W Chandler/S ‘Postindustrial Politics in Germany and the Origins of the Greens’, Comparative Politics 1986, 303-25
M. Dittmers The Green Party in West Germany: Who Are They?
E Frankland/S Between Protest and Power: The Green Party in Germany
W. Hülsberg The German Greens: A Social and Political Profile
E. Kolinsky The Greens in West Germany: Organisation and Policy-Making
E. Papadakis The Green Movement in West Germany
S. Parkin The Life and Death of Petra Kelly
T. Poguntke ‘Unconventional Participation in Party Politics: The Experience of the German Greens’, Pol Studies 1992, 239-54
H. Wiesenthal Realism in Green Politics: Social Movements and Ecological Reform in Germany