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Seminar Twelve (Week 3) - The Berlin Republic: A New Germany?

  • Have the greatest problems in integrating the former GDR proved to be psychological or physical?
  • What price has Germany paid for ‘ever closer union’ with Europe?
  • How do you explain the resurgence of far right political groups in Germany?

W. Carr A History of Germany, 1815-1990, ch. 16
M. Fulbrook The Fontana History of Germany, 1918-1990, ch. 13

Problems of German Reunification

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G-J. Glaessner The Unification Process in Germany
G. Grass Two States - One Nation? The Case Against German Reunification
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M.D. Hancock German Unification: Process and Outcomes
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H. James/MS When the Wall Came Down: Reactions to German Unification
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D. Marsh The Bundesbank
P.H. Merkl German Unification in the European Context
G. Smith et al Developments in German Politics
M. Upchurch German Unification: The Social and Economic Costs
P.J. Welfens Economic Aspects of German Unification

Problems of European Union

S. Bulmer/WP The Federal Republic of Germany and the European Community
L. Gutjahr German Foreign and Defence Policy after Unification
C. Jeffery/RS Federalism, Unification and European Integration
E. Kirchener The Federal Republic of Germany and NATO
B. Lippert German Unification and EC Integration


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R. Stöss Politics against Democracy: Extreme Right in West Germany