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Withdrawn Module: Israel/Palestine 1948 to the Present: (Re)Producing the Nation(s) (HI298)

Please note that this module was available
until 2017, but has since been
withdrawn and is no longer available.

Module leader: Angela Davis

This undergraduate 30 CATS second year module will provide students with an historical overview of modern Israeli and Palestinian history, politics, culture and identity, from the creation of Israel in 1948 until the present day. We will focus on the ways in which the national identity has been produced through social policy, war and peace, demographics and gender roles. Through looking at key events in Israeli/Palestinian history we will consider how the conflict has shaped the daily life of Israelis and Palestinians. Among the themes that will be studied are the way in which Independence/ the Nakba are studied, perceived, imagined and recalled by Israelis and Palestinians; the consequences of the mass migrations into and out of Israel/Palestine; and the way in which Israeli and Palestinian identity has been gendered. Readings, lectures, and seminar discussions will also consider issues in historiography and the different meanings of ‘Zionist’, ‘‘Palestinian’, or ‘Israeli’ histories. Students will be introduced to a variety of contemporary sources ranging from international treaties to cultural products such as novels and films. The module will be taught through weekly lectures and seminars which students are required to attend. Emphasis will be on student-led seminars.