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Assessment and Contact Hours


The assessment for this second-year module is as follows:

1 x 1,500 word essay (10%) Deadline T 1, week 7

1 x 3,000 word essay 40% Deadline Term 2 Week 7

1x two-hour exam (40%)

Oral Participation and Engagement 10%

1st essay will be analyzing the self-reflection and self presentation of a diarist, autobiographer, the characters in a novel, or an author of a polemical text - how do they represent themselves to themselves – to the reader, anxieties, self-deceptions, how they see others and compare themselves – in what they think their distinctiveness consists, how they treat others and reflect on how they are treated, how they rationalize their actions , their feelings of guilt, shame, triumph, pleasure. Etc.

2nd essay will be open to negotiation – but will look at some aspect of political and social thinking in the period

The exam will cover a sample of everything

Oral participation – we will want people do short 5-10 minute presentations to their seminar in one week of each term, and to undertake some self-evaluation about their participation in the course of the two terms. The form for reporting on oral presentation and involvement in the seminars is available here.The marking criteria referred to are available here.

There will also be short pieces of formative work in the course of the year.

Deadlines for Visiting Students not here for the whole of the year will be different.

Formative assessment:

In week 4 we ask students to use the lectures and the primary texts they have been reading to write up to 500 words answering one of the following two questions.

´What is right or wrong about punishing people to exact retribution?

´What do the descendants of the dominant class owe to the descendants of those whom their forebears oppressed and exploited?

Those should be submitted by the end of Friday of week 4. The idea is to help develop your writing skills in relation to making an argument. That will be an asset when it comes to the exam. The work is not formally assessed - so you don't lose things by having a go and trying things out. But writing and submitting the piece is a component of oral participation/engagement and contributes to that assessment

Contact Hours

Contact hours for this second-year module are as follows:

  • Module duration: Twenty-three weeks
  • Lectures: Twenty one-hour lectures
  • Seminars: Twenty one-hour seminars
  • Revision Session: A two-hour revision session
  • Tutorials: Four hours of essay feedback and long essay preparation
  • Total: Forty-six hours