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Lecture and Seminar Timetable




Lecture and Seminar Topic

Autumn Term 2 Individual

Deliberating the Self: Journals/Diaries/Autobiography:

John Bunyan; Samuel Pepys; Dudley Ryder; James Boswell; Fanny Burney; Jean-Jacques Rousseau; Benjamin Franklin

Lecture slides


Female Constructions: Mary Wollstonecraft (A Vindication, Maria) and Mary Hays (Memoirs of Emma Courtney)

Lecture slides


Black Narratives: The History of Mary Prince 

Lecture slides


 The Romantic Self: Leopardi/Stendhal/Hazlitt/Moritz

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~ Reading Week: no lectures or seminars -


Alternative Selves 

Lecture Slides

8 Polis and Society

Nature and State: Government and the individual: Thomas Hobbes and John Locke

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Interests, Consumption and the Virtues and Vices: B de Mandeville and Addison and Steele

Fashion Clothes/Hair/Consumer Goods/The Tatler/Spectator

lecture slides


The Discovery of Society: Kames/Millar

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ie: week 1 term 2

Week 1 Term 2

Commerce and Republics: Montesquieu and Ferguson

lecture slides

Spring Term

week 2


Society’s Productivity: Adam Smith Bk V

lecture slides

week 3


The Critique of the Social: J J Rousseau, Discourse on Origin of Inequality/Wollstonecraft Vindication (ch 9, 13 (sect III))

lecture slides

14 Society and Polis

Contrasting Republics: J J Rousseau / Federalist Papers/Mercy Otis Warren

lecture slides


Improvement and its Critics: William Godwin /Thomas Malthus

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~ Reading Week: no lectures or seminars ~


The Contribution of Labour: E. Sieyes/Paine/Charles Fourier/Robert Owen/Feminist Political Economy

lecture Slides


The Nation as Community: J. G. Herder/ J. G. Fichte Addresses

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Constitutionalism: G. W. F. Hegel – Philosophy of Right

This week's lectures cover both this week and the last week of term - you are strongly advised to listen to all the parts of the lecture prior to the class - if that is not possible start with the first and last section.

class instructions for weeks 19 and 20 are here - and there is some disussion of the material in Hegel I and Hegel IV


This week's material is part of Hegel I-IV and the classes are the second of the two classes on Hegel's Philosophy of Right

see class instructions for week 19

Term 3 week 1 21

Order and Change: E. Burke – Reflections/ J. S. Mill Spirit of the Age

Summer Term


Democratic Society: Alexis de Tocqueville Democracy in America 1835 and 1840


Historical Determinism/All that is Solid Melts into Air: Karl Marx

24 Revision

Revision. Please start with the marking exercise here. You can find the exam answer to mark here

You should also look at past papers - and think about how to answer the questions. There is an e-mail setting out our proposals for supporting you in this - copied here.

Here are the papers from 2017, 2018, and 2019 

And here is a set of slides about how you might approach answering questions

answering exam questions slides