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Lecture and Seminar Timetable




Lecture and Seminar Topic

Autumn Term 1 Individual

Deliberating the Self: Journals/Diaries/Autobiography:

John Bunyan; Samuel Pepys; Dudley Ryder; James Boswell; Fanny Burney; Jean-Jacques Rousseau; Benjamin Franklin

2 Female Constructions: Mary Wollstonecraft (A Vindication, Maria) and Mary Hays (Memoirs of Emma Courtney)
3 Black Narratives: The History of Mary Prince 
4 Self (and other) Portraits 
5  The Romantic Self: Leopardi/Stendhal/Hazlitt/Moritz
6 ~ Reading Week: no lectures or seminars ~
7 Polis Nature and State: Government and the individual: Thomas Hobbes and John Locke
8 Institutions, ‘Spirit’, Virtues and Vices: B de Mandeville and C.L. Secondat, Baron de Montesquieu
9 Divergent Republics: J J Rousseau / Federalist Papers
10 Improvement and its Critics: William Godwin /Thomas Malthus
Spring Term 11 Constitutionalism: G. W. F. Hegel – Philosophy of Right
12 The architecture of power: reading cities and buildings
13 Society The Discovery of Society: Kames/Millar
14 The Critique of the Social: J J Rousseau – Discourse on Origin of Inequality/Adam Ferguson - Origins
15 Society’s Productivity: Adam Smith Bk V
16 ~ Reading Week: no lectures or seminars ~
17 The Beaux Monde and 'Bon ton': Fashion Clothes/Hair/Consumer Goods/The Tatler/Spectator
18 The Contribution of Labour: E. Sieyes, What is the Third Estate/Paine, Agrarian Justice/Charles Fourier/Robert Owen
19 The Nation as Community: J. G. Herder/ J. G. Fichte Addresses
20 Order and Change: E. Burke – Reflections/ J. S. Mill Spirit of the Age
Summer Term



Democratic Society: Alexis de Tocqueville Democracy in America 1835 and 1840

23 Historical Determinism/All that is Solid: Karl Marx
24 Revision A two-hour revision session (All classes, ). Please complete pre-session exercise here. You can find the exam answer to mark here