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Industrial Food and Imperialism

Please come to the seminar having researched the origins of ONE well-known British food brand dating back at least 70 years.
How does the history of this brand illustrate the development of industrial food? Does it also demonstrate the role of empire in the development of industrial food? You might also consider seeing if you can find a vintage advert that illustrates these themes.
Questions to Consider While Reading

What is ‘industrial food’?

What role has empire played in shaping the British diet? Can you use the history of your brand to illustrate this process?


Please read two pieces, in addition to researching your chosen brand.

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Collingham, Lizzie, Curry: A Tale of Cooks and Conquerors (Oxford, 2007), esp. chapter 6.
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You might also like the interview with Chris Otter on Jeremy Cherfas, Eat This Podcast, 7 June 2021:

To Learn More

Broomfield, Andrea, ‘Rushing Dinner to the Table: The “Englishwoman’s Domestic Magazine” and Industrialization’s Effects on Middle-Class Food and Cooking, 1852-1860’, Victorian Periodicals Review 41:2 (2008).*

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*Sign into the Warwick Library catalogue to access the electronic version.