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Feeding Cities

Questions to Consider While Reading

Historically, how have urban dwellers obtained their food?

What role has the state played in overseeing the provisioning of cities? Why have states thought this to be important?

What can urban geography and place names reveal about a city's past provisioning practices?

Please read TWO of the following:

Baics, Gergely, Feeding Gotham: The Political Economy and Geography of Food in New York, 1790-1860 (Princeton, 2016), Introduction.

Dameron, George, ‘Feeding the Medieval Italian City-State: Grain, War, and Political Legitimacy in Tuscany, c. 1150–c. 1350’, Speculum 92:4 (2017)

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Steel, Carolyn, TED talk:

You can also take a look at


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To Learn More

Feeding Cities

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Urban Gardens

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Can Masdeu, Barcelona, Spain:
CAPI Community Garden Project, Minneapolis, MN, USA: and
Edible Park, Den Haag, Netherlands:
Growing Power, Inc., Milwaukee, WI, USA:
Lake Highlands Community Garden, Dallas, TX, USA:
Martineau Gardens, Birmingham, UK:
Urban Leaves, Mumbai, India:
WOT2Grow, Tysoe, UK: