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Assessment and Contact Hours


The assessment for this second-year 15 CATS option module is as follows:

  • 1,000 word source review (30%)
  • Group project: oral presentation + media (10%)

  • 2,500 word essay (60%)

Primary Source Review (Week 5, Wednesday, 12:00)

Select a primary source (e.g. contemporary account, object, or painting) from either our readings or the Links page on our course website, and write a 1,000-word analysis.

You should include the following:

- A brief description of the source and its historical significance

- Explain how this source contributes to our understanding of the Early Modern Iberian World, and how it relates to the topics discussed in our seminars. Consider what the source can reveal about the visual or material culture of the society that produced it

- Discuss how the source confirms/contests/nuances one or more of the propositions from the secondary literature you have read for this course (provide references)

For full details of examination and assessment, please see

Group Work Project: Video/Blog (Week 9, Wednesday, 12:00) + Presentation (Week 9, Thursday, 12-1pm)

In groups, and using a variety of media, present a focused case study relating to the themes discussed in our seminars. The exercise consists of two parts:

1. A textual and visual presentation of your findings in a blog (e.g. wordpress) vlog (e.g. on youtube or vimeo), or animated info-graphics.

-While this part of the exercise does not have a fixed length, you are expected to include only that information necessary to explain and document your findings. These should include, but are not limited to: where, how, and by whom the image/object was made, used, applied, and consumed.

NOTE: each group member must submit the project via Tabula individually. You can choose to upload the file directly (if e.g. a video) or to upload a document containing the weblink to your project (if e.g. on Wordpress or Youtube)

2. A 12-15-minute oral presentation of your project, using audiovisual media (e.g. Powerpoint, Prezi, video)

-This is the spoken version of your digital project and your chance to show and explain your project to your peers. You are encouraged to cover some or all of the following:

  • Justify your choice of object/image
  • Document your research process, challenges, and findings (especially any unexpected ones!)
  • Explain why these matter
  • Identify areas/topics for further research.
-Essay (Week 10, Wednesday, 12:00)

Your final essay (2,500 words) should be framed around a relevant historical question related to the theme of the module, which may be one of the weekly seminar questions or a question of your own choosing. You are encouraged to adopt a comparative perspective, e.g. by incorporating examples and materials from different time periods and/or from different parts of the Iberian world.

Your essay should engage with both secondary literature and primary sources. These may overlap with materials analysed in the Primary Source Review or Group Work Project, yet substantial development is required. Essays should be submitted via Tabula in accordance with Departmental rules

Contact Hours

Student contact hours for this second-year 15 CATS option module are as follows:

  • Module duration: Ten weeks
  • Lectures: One one-hour lecture
  • Seminars: One one-hour seminar and seven two-hour seminars
  • Workshop: One two-hour workshop
  • Tutorials: Two hours of feedback and essay preparation
  • Total: Twenty hours