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Module Feedback

Mid-year feedback Jan 2021

Very few of you - just three! - completed the feedback forms, so I have very little useful data. I will discuss how you think the module is going in the seminars in week 1 of term 2.

End-of-year Feedback HI2D2

Thank you for your feedback which is especially useful, given that this is the first time the module has run.

I am very pleased to see that you really enjoyed the module. Although only 50% of you returned the survey, the overall satisfaction with the teaching was high (4.7/5). You all either agreed or strongly agreed that the module was delivered in an engaging way; that feedback enhanced your learning; that it was well organised; and that you had good support. Some of your comments were very encouraging, praising the teaching, and I was particularly pleased that several of you picked out improved confidence in handling primary sources. One suggestion was to incorporate more secondary literature in seminar discussion and I will take that on board for the future.

HI2D2 Interim Module Feedback, January 2019

Thanks to all of you who completed the online feedback which is particularly valuable as this is the first year the module has run. I was very pleased that 100% of you agree or strongly agree that a) it is delivered in an engaging way b) that it is well-organised c) that it has an appropriate level of intellectual challenge and d) that appropriate support is available. 70% thought that feedback enhanced learning. From your comments it seems that you like the close engagement with sources and that you particularly like the seminars. Suggestions included recapping lectures in the class (which I felt less necessary, now that lectures on available via Moodle) and more discussion of the essay questions (I will try to do more of that, though you should also feel free to come and talk about essays with me in my office hours). One person suggested more of an institutional approach – I hope the East India Company has been useful in that respect but I will think of ways to incorporate more of this