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Science, Technology and Society, 1400 to Present (HI2D5): Assessment and Contact Hours

Summative assessment

The assessment for this second-year, 30 CATS option module is:

  • 1,500 word essay (10%), due in term 1, week 5, ie. Wednesday 30 October 2019, at 12 noon
  • 3,000 word essay (40%), due in term 2, week 5, ie. Wednesday 5 February 2020, at 12 noon - note the early deadline, since this module is considered 'early modern' for assessment purposes
  • 2 hour exam (40%), term 3, some time in weeks 4-9 - exam date TBC
  • oral participation/engagement (10%)

Deadlines for visiting students vary depending on the duration of the students' stay at Warwick. These deadlines will be made available on Tabula and on the assessment page in the department handbook.

The first essay is based on a primary source - see here for details.

The second essay is an answer to a seminar question of your choice - you may also devise your own question, to be approved by the tutor.

Oral participation/engagement will be based on students' contributions to seminars over the whole year. There is no class presentation - the assignment is simply to do the seminar reading, turn up to seminars, and contribute to the discussion in class.

The exam will be similar to this sample exam and to the 2018-19 exam paper.


The History department's policy regarding duplication is that there must be no substantial overlap between two pieces of assessed work submitted by the same student. This means that your second essay should be on a different topic to your first essay, and that your answers on the exam should be on different topics to your two essays. If you are unsure what counts as 'overlap', visit your tutor in their office hour.

Contact Hours

Student contact hours for this second-year 30 CATS option module are as follows:

  • Module duration: Twenty-three weeks
  • Lectures: Nineteen one-hour lectures
  • Seminars: Nineteen one-hour seminars and two one-hour revison seminars
  • Tutorials: Four hours of feedback and essay preparation
  • Total: Forty-four hours