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Sources of Help

Module Tutors

If you are having problems with the module (e.g. essay details, finding books, etc), you should contact your seminar tutor in the first instance, and your personal tutor if the seminar tutor is unavailable or unable to assist you.

Finding Module Material

Amidst the lecture and seminar schedule which follows are bibliographies on the particular topics we will be examining. Seminar reading consists of the primary documents available via the module website, introductory reading, and further reading. Most of these are books, however there are also some articles and essays. Some of the books in the introductory reading section you may wish to purchase - see Key Texts. All of the books, articles, and essays cited are available in the Library. Some of them are also available online and these are indicated by weblinks.

Please be considerate of other students taking the module and promptly return books that are in high demand. Photocopying is a good method of alleviating demand. In the event you cannot find a reading don't despair: the bibliographies are provided to offer other suggested reading material as well as a guide to finding other material for seminars and essays. More generally, if you are finding it difficult to locate books, you should consult Library staff. If you are running into real difficulties, then you should go back and talk to your seminar tutor. He or she should be able to provide suggestions for alternative reading on most topics.

Primary Sources

Unless otherwise stated all sources are drawn from the Internet Medieval SourcebookLink opens in a new window

Electronic Resources

Electronic resources are listed for each seminar. These include documents, images, radio programmes, videos, and websites providing other useful information.

Hopefully you will also look for electronic resources yourself. There are numerous sites containing information on Medieval Europe. Many offer worthwhile opportunities for research on primary materials and in depth bibliographies on particular subjects. While these sites are beneficial for study there are plenty of non-academic or personal interest websites which explore modern depictions of Medieval Europe which are not necessarily accurate. The sites listed below contain vetted academic information on Medieval Europe.