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Week 12: “Father of the Poor”? Vargas and the Estado Novo

Lecture powerpoint

Seminar Questions

  • What was the rationale for the Estado Novo? What political problems did it purport to solve (beyond keeping Vargas in power)?
  • To what degree were the aims of the Estado Novo implemented?
  • Did Vargas deserve the title “Father of the Poor”?
  • What was the relationship between Vargas and the military?
  • What were Vargas’ legacies to Brazilian politics?

Seminar Reading

Skidmore, Brazil, chapter 5;

Frank D McCann, Soldiers of the Pátria : a history of the Brazilian Army, 1889-1937 (2004), Chapter 7, “The Revolution of 1930”, pp 259-300 [short-loan copy available @ Library]

Robert M Levine, Father of the Poor? (1998), chapter 3;

Excerpts from Levine & Crocitti, The Brazil Reader: "The Vargas Era," pp.149-55; Oliveira Vianna, “Why the Estado Novo?”, pp 184-6; “Ordinary People,” pp 206-24; "Seized Correspondence from Communists, 1935-45: Dossier 20, Police Archives," pp. 176-181.

•Joel Wolfe, “Guest Editor’s Introduction: Getúlio Vargas and his Enduring Legacy for Brazil,” Luso-Brazilian Review, 31-2 (1994): 1-3.