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Week 4: An Experiment in Decentralisation

Week 4 powerpoint slides

Seminar Questions

  • Who or what lay behind the regional revolts of the 1830s and 1840s?
  • What political ideologies did the rebels espouse?
  • What was the role of ordinary people?
  • Why did Brazil ultimately remain one united nation?

Seminar Reading

At least TWO of:

•Leslie Bethell, ed. Brazil: Empire and Republic, chapter 2 [e-book @ Library]

•João José Reis, “Slave Resistance in Brazil: Bahia, 1807-1835,” Luso-Brazilian Review, 25:1 (1988).

•Hendrik Kraay, “Between Brazil and Bahia: Celebrating Dois de Julho in Nineteenth-Century Salvador,” Journal of Latin American Studies, 31:2 (1999): 255-86

Further reading: primary source extract

* Domingos José Gonçalves de Magalhães, “Uprising in Maranhão,” in Levine & Crocitti (eds.), The Brazil Reader, pp 69-75