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Notes on Online Teaching

Notes on Online Seminar Teaching (currently in weeks 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9).

I have set up discussion boards on moodle for each seminar group for those seminars taught online. These seminars will partially happen asynchronously, meaning that you will have online discussions about the week's seminar questions posted on Talis Aspire. We will then have brief (ca. 20 minutes, but this may vary) discussions via MS Teams. I will create channels on MS Teams for every seminar group to facilitate these seminars, which will take place at the regular time slots.

Organization of Forum Discussions

Over the course of the course, each student will take the lead on one of the questions (most questions will have two leads). Taking the lead for the question means:

  • You post the first engagement with that question. It should be ca. 200 words long, and should be posted by Thursday (for Tuesday Seminar Groups) / Friday (for Wednesday Seminar Groups) at noon, before the week of the topic (e.g., Thursday/Friday of Week 2 for the discussions about the German Revolution, which is due in Week 3).

Other students will then post their own thoughts and answers to engage in the debate. I will moderate the debate and intervene frequently.

Requirements for the discussion:

  • Every student is expected to contribute at least twice to the online discussions every week. At least one contribution should be interactive, that is, it should engage with the comment and argument by another student. This is the minimum of contributions; you are strongly encouraged to contribute more often.
  • You are also encouraged to pose other questions in the forum regarding issues from the material or the lectures that have remain unclear to you.
  • On average, you should spend ca. 30 minutes per week on the discussion forum. This may well be split across different days.

Note that contributions, both in face to face seminars and online seminars, will be marked. I will provide you with some feedback on your participation after reading week. Please feel encouraged to provide me with feedback, especially regarding online teaching, at any point over the course of the module.