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Additional Essay Titles

  • Can historians ever uncover the religious views of Elizabeth I? Do they play a significant role in the course England's Reformation?
  • How would you characterize the response of the population to the 'Religious Settlement'?
  • 'If the English Reformation is understood as a "failure", it was a failure caused by institutions and structures'. Discuss.
  • Was the English Reformation something which happened to the people of England?
  • 'The central doctrine of the Elizabethan Church was obedience'. Discuss.
  • Was there anything distinctly 'Elizabethan' about the Elizabethan Reformation?
  • English Catholicism: survival or revival?
  • 'The Northern Rising was a damp squib'. Discuss.
  • Is it accurate to speak of a 'Puritan movement'?
  • Who posed the greater problem to the Elizabethan regime: Catholics or Puritans?
  • Was the relationship between Protestantism and 'popular culture' antagonistic?
  • Was the population of England ever 'Protestant' in Elizabethan England?
  • Did 'Supremacy' make the monarch more or less powerful?